Future Music Forum. Barcelona Sept. 25-27, 2024
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Future Music Forum: Barcelona 2024

Join the Music Industry in beautiful Barcelona Sept. 25-27, 2024.


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>Meet the FMF Headlining Performers

FMF 2023

Meet the FMF Headlining Performers

Get up-close and personal with the shining stars of the FMF Live showcases. This exclusive session offers attendees a rare glimpse behind the scenes, as we engage with the headlining artists, delving into their creative processes, inspirations, and journey to the FMF stage.

Don’t miss this chance to connect and converse with the musical talents that are setting the industry ablaze. With Cecé & Sila Lua.

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About The Speakers

Co-founder & CEO of Nybac Media
Join us in Barcelona Sept. 25-27, 2024