Future Music Forum. Barcelona Sept. 25-27, 2024
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Future Music Forum: Barcelona 2024

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>Sila Lua

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Sila Lua


Galician artist and producer Sila Lua, based in Madrid, has been developing her own sound since 2017, something halfway between Spanish-speaking urban music and experimental European electronica; a free mix of genres resulting from her Spanish upbringing and her years living and studying music production in London. Her songs, with their strong lyrical message, detailed productions, and mysterious elegance, have earned her the title of “Martian diva of the new European dark pop” from various specialized media.

This emerging talent achieved viral success last year with her tracks ‘Nada’ and ‘Quiero Llorar’, part of the Official Soundtrack of the 4th season of the Netflix series ‘Élite’ and already accumulating +4M combined streams and +200k Shazams (‘Nada’ reached #160 on the global Shazam charts in the first week of the series’ premiere). This gave him the opportunity to write ‘Tanta Vida’, Original Song for the Atresplayer Premium series ‘La Edad de la Ira’.

In November 2022 she presented her first album “ROMPE”, a conceptual work that revolves around the sea, its symbols, myths and immensity, and consists of 11 tracks. A very careful mix of urban, electronic and pop music in which the artist has been working for a year and a half hand in hand with the producer Mumbai Moon and where she has had several guest musicians, producers and collaborators from Spain, Brazil and Ecuador. Sila Lua is currently on tour in different Spanish cities presenting her debut album.