Opening Keynote

10:00 - 10:40 · Thursday 13th September 2018

Special Guest  – Imogen Heap

On the road with Imogen Heap: the diaries of a music and tech adventurist.

A 12-month, 40-city technology and music tour which presents Imogen Heap’s vision for a future music industry, while bringing to life Mycelia’s Creative Passport – a blockchain based digital identity standard which empowers music makers to connect their digital self and personal works. Imogen shares the progress of the tour as she meets music makers and shapers working to better seek, acknowledge and reward creators through transformative technologies and creative partnerships. Highlighting how innovations such as Distributed Ledger Technology, Artificial Intelligence and Virtual Reality have the potential to change the lives of music makers, this tour is on a mission to connect the dots, helping to set the framework for a fair, vibrant and flourishing music industry.

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