Future Music Forum. Barcelona Sept. 25-27, 2024
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Future Music Forum: Barcelona 2024

Join the Music Industry in beautiful Barcelona Sept. 25-27, 2024.


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>Mireia Madroñero

About The Speaker

Mireia Madroñero

Catalan Arts Music Project Manager

Music Project Manager at Catalan Arts – ICEC (Catalan Institute for Cultural Companies. Government of Catalonia), who connects, mentors and supports Catalan music companies interested in the international development of their projects. As Catalan Music export office, we guide companies to find business opportunities, while participating in international professional fairs and key professional events, we put Catalan and international professionals in contact, we provide information on specific potential circuits and we manage grants to promote internationalization. Prior joining Catalan Arts, she has worked for 20 years as artistic director of musical events, booking agent, manager, promoter, modern music specialist on cultural Media, as well as music business teacher and mentor.