Future Music Forum. Barcelona Sept. 25-27, 2024
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Future Music Forum: Barcelona 2024

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>Marina Roveta

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Marina Roveta


Producciones Submarinas is a management and booking agency established in 2010 in Spain. Led by Marina Roveta, she manages the careers of the renewed Spanish pop artist David Otero, the rock band 30s40s50s and Pipo Romero, a mind-blowing acoustic guitarist and composer from Cádiz.
In 2020, Marina engaged more closely with international peers by participating in the first edition of the European-wide mentorship program for music managers carried out by EMMA, the European Music Managers Alliance and is also taking part in 2023-2023 SEWEM program (Sino-European Women Entrepreneurs in Music)– a networking and mentoring program to promote the skills of European and Chinese women in the music and export sector funded by the European Commission.
Currently, Marina Roveta is part of the Folk/Global Music Committee of EMMA.
In this committee of the European Music Managers Alliance, she collaborates with professionals from across Europe to drive the growth and development of this musical genre, promoting the exchange of knowledge and international opportunities.
This focus on internationalization translates into growing participation in international fairs and markets: whether as a speaker in panels and round tables, in networking sessions and professional meetings, accompanying artists in showcases in front of programmers and professionals in the music sector.
Marina Roveta
Marina Roveta has a degree in Psychology from the University of Buenos Aires. Her passion is between photography, music and helping people. Self-taught and a traveler at heart, she has traveled several continents and learned from different cultures. She is a woman of few words but of great actions. After 3 years working for the record label El Manicomio Records, she decided to dive into the world of music by setting up her own management company in 2010, Producciones Submarinas, and since then she has been managing the pop artist David Otero and the acoustic folk guitarist Pipo Romero.
Marina Roveta, in addition to performing her artist management work at Producciones Submarinas, shows an outstanding commitment to education and an active participation in key music industry events.
Marina shares her knowledge as a lecturer in the Master in Artist and Athlete Representation and Management at PONS Escuela de Negocios, in collaboration with ISDE (Instituto Superior de Derecho y Economía). Her experience in the management of musical artists offers students a unique and practical perspective on the world of music. Her experience in the management of musical artists offers students a unique and practical perspective on the world of music.
Conferences and Trade Show Participation
Marina stands out as a very active figure in the music industry, regularly participating in various fairs and specialized industry events. She has shared her experience and vision in panels, roundtables and networking sessions at national and international events, including Tallinn Music Week and the World Music Festival in Taiwan. She always brings her knowledge and experience in music artist management and the development of comprehensive music career strategies, from initial conceptualization to project execution, promotion and circulation. This includes branding advice, identification of potential collaborators for the project, record release planning, marketing strategies, contract management and negotiations, production coordination on recordings and tours, team management, internationalization and analysis of market trends.
With her commitment to both the training of new generations of professionals and the exchange of ideas and knowledge in the industry, Marina Roveta continues to be a driving force in advising musicians, training professionals and developing networks in the music industry.
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