Ariane Paras

Olympia Coaching: Life Coach x Music Industry

Ariane Paras is a life coach and founder of Olympia Coaching. She helps artists and music industry professionals reach their potential and become more balanced, productive and confident, so they avoid burnout and succeed long-term.

With 15 years experience in the music biz (BMG, Razzmatazz), and more than 10 in personal development, she empowers her clients worldwide to create a life they love, and to love the life they have. Her aim is to make a positive impact on our industry by helping transform it from the inside out.

You can find her doing yoga poses on the dancefloor, dancing in her kitchen like it’s 1999, or adding more exotic places to the list of 50+ countries she’s travelled in. She shares her tips on how to stay happy and anxiety-free in the music industry here:

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