New Wave of Blockchain Disruption in Music

16:05 – 16:45 · Thursday 13th September 2018

The revolution will be decentralized !!

“On Dot Blockchain Media’s website, Benji Rogers, its founder and CEO, says, “Creators, rights holders and influencers who can digitally express their rights into their media will control their own destinies”.

Several new disruptive business models using Blockchain technologies are establishing themselves in 2018 as the new paradigmes. We have gathered four of the main disruptors who are becoming key players in the field of blockchain technology & cryptocurrency within the music industry to discuss their versions of what the future of the industry looks like.


Ursula O’Kuinghttons: Lead for Europe and Latin America at Civil Media Company


Michael Cassidy: Director, Product & Development, Fuga · Martin Lacabanne:  Ambassador, Musicoin  · Jordi Puy: CSO, Unison Rights S.L.

Moderator and Panelists

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Ursula O’Kuinghttons

Regional Lead for Europe and Latin America at Civil Media Company.

Michael Cassidy

Director, Product & Development, Fuga

Martin Lacabanne

Ambassador, Musicoin

Jordi Puy

CSO Unison Rights S.L.

All our 2018 speakers and guests

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