Future Music Forum. Barcelona Sept. 25-27, 2024
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Future Music Forum: Barcelona 2024

Join the Music Industry in beautiful Barcelona Sept. 25-27, 2024.


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>Mental Health Strategies for Musicians on the Road

Holistic Day

Mental Health Strategies for Musicians on the Road

Touring can be both the most exhilarating and draining aspect of a musician’s career. This session dives deep into the emotional and mental stresses touring artists face.

This session will shed light on recognizing signs of burnout, anxiety, and depression.

You’ll learn strategies to maintain your mental health while on the road, and ensure you can deliver outstanding performances without compromising your well-being.

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About The Speaker

Founder, Collective Entertainment & #iVoted

Music Producer, Deejay

Co-Founder, Chairman of the Board, Sonosuite

Music industry coach, Living Your True Story
Join us in Barcelona Sept. 25-27, 2024