FMF community

our new app

What are we doing?
As nobody is sure just when we will get to have a physical event again we are bringing all the educational content we curate at the FMF to a Mighty Networks community app.

Our purpose:
We are bringing together a cross section of the music industry to help create a space where they can learn from industry executives, engage with some of the most cutting edge companies in the music tech space, build a collaborative community, get mentored & network with your peers. Members will gain access to exclusive connections, make better, more well-informed & savvy decisions that are important to them.

Will I have to pay?
The platform will be free for the first month so you can get a feel for it. After that you can choose from a monthly (€8.99) or annual subscription (€99)

How does it work:
Easy, please drop us a line at expressing an interest to join & you will receive an invitation.

What content?
We will be focusing on a range of topics within the music ecosystem,
subjects include:

1. Future Music Tech Trends (Royalty Payments- CMO’s, PRO’s, AI, Fan Engagement, Live, New Industry Models, Streaming, Future of Radio)

2. Digital Content Creators / Video Platforms & the Music Industry

3. Music Sync

4. Music & Philanthropy – Exploring how music is used as a force to do good things in the world

5. Inclusion within the Music Industry

6. Wellbeing / Coaching – we need to look after ourselves people, we’re here to help

7. Artist / Producers Mentoring – We have contacts with some of the best in the business. Dj’ing, Production & much more.

8. Music Start Ups

9. Music Industry news from India / Africa / China

Bringing Together

The International digital music community.


Creating connections & general awesome networking opportunities.


Enabling the opportunity for new partnerships.


Opening the debate on some of the most pressing issues facing the industry.