Stream 1: Future Music

Thursday 13th September 2018
@ Fabrica de Estrella Damm: Sala Maquinas 

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Special Guest - Imogen Heap

10:00 – 10:40 · Thursday 13th September 2018

Panel – “The New Streaming Landscape”. Democratization of The Streaming Industry, New Players, New Systems of Payment, New Frontiers

10:40 – 11:20 · Thursday 13th September 2018

Angel Navas Rosal: Global Head of Trade Marketing at Ditto Music


Michael Cassidy : Director of Product & Development : Fuga

Inma Grass: Partner, Altafonte

Maarten van Wijck: Co-Founder of SonoSuite

Mandy Aubry: Director of Global Business Development and Client Relations, Songtrust

Victor Conradson: Sales-Support & Training Specialist at Believe Digital

Networking Break

11:20 – 11:50 · Thursday 13th September 2018

Special Guest Speaker : Tom Silverman (Founder & CEO,Tommy Boy Records

11:50 – 12:10 · Thursday 13th September 2018

Everyone, including me, talks about the economics of streaming (building the $100 Billion music industry), but as the world moves to a predominantly streaming model, how will that affect the way creators make music? As music is consumed differently, it will also be created differently because creation follows consumption and vice versa.

Music Apps /Software / Sampling trends

12:10 – 12:50 · Thursday 13th September 2018
Tom Silverman: Founder & CEO, Tommy Boy Records,

Tim Exile: Experimental Musician
Par Almqvist: CEO, Tracklib
Flore Morfin: Dj, Composer, Label Manager
Luca Iacomino: International Sales and Marketing Manager, Ableton

Lunch break

13:00 - 14:00 · Thursday 13th September 2018

Looking Forward: how emerging technologies are shaping our music.

14:05 - 14:30 · Thursday 13th September 2018

Emilien Moyon PHD

Program Director

Associate Professor

Master in Global Entertainment & Music Business

Co-Founder and Director of TEDxBerkleeValencia

Panel - What Artificial Intelligence means for the future of music creation, adaptation and sync

14:30 · 15:30 · Thursday 13th September 2018

Cliff Fluet: Lewis Silkin


Siavash Mahdavi – CEO, AI

Hazel Savage: CEO & Co-Founder, Musiio

Luke Dzierzek: CEO & Co-Founder, Scored

Claudia Schwarz ; V.P, Music Tech Germany

Networking Break

15:35 - 16:05 · Thursday 13th September 2018

New Wave of Blockchain Disruption in Music

16:05 - 16:45 · Thursday 13th September 2018

Ursula O’Kuinghttons: Regional Lead for Europe and Latin America at Civil Media Company


Michael Cassidy : Director of Product & Development, Fuga

Martin Lacabanne: Ambassador, Musicoin

Jordi Puy: CSO Unison Rights S.L.

Closing Session with Dante Ross

16:45 – 17:45 · Thursday 13th September 2018


18:00 – 18:20 · Thursday 13th September 2018

Networking Drinks

18:20 – 19:00 · Thursday 13th September 2018

All our 2018 speakers and guests


Main Conference Hall, Estrella Damm
Carrer del Rosselló 515, Barcelona 08025