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What can music learn from other entertainment sectors adapting to digital?

Moderator: Mark Mulligan : Midia Research

Ritch Sibthorp: Ex Managing Director, Disney Music Group EMEANikolina Zidar: CEO at Unicorn Pirates StudioVidel Bar-kar: Bookwire (formerly of Penguin Random House Audio)

Disney are launching a streaming service. Unicorn Pirate studios develop niche games for the gaming industry, books are consumed digitally and aurally. How has this impacted factors like distribution and royalties? What have you learned from what the music industry got wrong and right?

It was claimed by a Western-themed video game called Red Dead Redemption II – the second in a series dubbed ‘Grand Theft Auto on horseback’ – which generated over $725m in just three days.

The wording above (‘highest-grossing weekend debut’) has been carefully chosen. Because the highest-grossing entertainment launch of all time actually kicked off on a Tuesday, in September 2013. That launch was Grand Theft Auto V, another video game, which grossed more than $1bn during its opening 72 hours on sale.

Both Red Dead Redemption and Grand Theft Auto are made by Rockstar Games – a New York-HQ’d interactive entertainment company famed for its ability to bring filmic sophistication to the world of PlayStations and Xboxes, and for its ability to generate billions upon billions of dollars by doing so.

The Grand Theft Auto franchise, and the core team behind Rockstar’s success, were, unbelievably, both once part of the music business. They were allowed to leave 20 years ago

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