Ursula O’Kuinghttons

Regional Lead for Europe and Latin America at Civil Media Company

Ursula O’Kuinghttons is the Regional Lead for Europe and Latin America at Civil Media Company. Until recently she was doing media outreach for El Pais. In addition to being a journalist, working in the media industry for more than fifteen years, Ursula has been drawn to blockchain where she has organized the first ‘Blockchain and journalism’ encounter in Madrid with the support of Hyperledger, BBVA’s bank and the European Centre for Press and Media Freedom.

She began her career as a journalist at Reuters news agency. Has reporting from the trenches; covered immigration, interviewing international statesmen; attending several times Davos -included this year-, the annual meeting from the World Economic Forum. She also co-produced a movie with Sony Music Spain, a documentary about Israeli and Palestinian musicians.

Exciting as this all was, that film followed from her years as a journalist when she created and co-directed TV programs for syndication by Latin American televisions channels, all under the aegis of Prisa Communication Group.

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