Toby Slade-Baker

Founder / director,Thirty Two Music & Virtual Sound

Thirty Two Music is a full service creative agency and production company for music and sound in audiovisual media with offices in London and Barcelona

Toby Slade-Baker – Founder and director

Toby’s entire family work(ed) in advertising. He grew up in the industry and speaks its language. Having also become a musician and music producer it seems he was destined to bring the two disciplines together in his own work.

After 5 years in creative services for production music and commercial publishers Toby moved full time into independent music supervision and now has over 15 years experience as a music consultant, supervisor and producer. His companies – Thirty Two Music and Virtual Sound – were born out of a passion to do his work consistently, to a high standard and on his own terms.

He has completed composition, sound design, research and rights management projects for most UK agencies on brands including Nike, Nokia, Mercedes, Playstation, Easyjet, Lexus, O2, Guinness, McLaren, Amazon, Ford, Plusnet, Xbox, ESPN and too many others to list.

Previously: Head of production at Felt Music. Head of creative services at Big Life Music. Promoter and production manager at Big Beat Boutique Productions.


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