Shanna Jade

Head of Brand Strategy

Shanna Jade is a music-lover, environmentalist & serial hobbyist based in Los Angeles, CA. Her behind-the-scenes work in the music industry began at age 16 with managing a friend’s band in Upstate NY, then interning with a local concert promoter (which sometimes took precedent before school) at age 17. After completing her freshman year of college majoring in Music Industry at Northeastern University in Boston, she began managing artists & releasing records with her friend (and now Stem co-founder & President) Tim Luckow under the alias GHouse. The next few years saw them packing basement shows, selling out local clubs, booking tours, growing their roster to double digits and landing a distribution deal for their label with The Orchard. Following GHouse, Shanna went on to manage marketing & social media at Karmaloop before landing a position as Lead Social Strategist at Complex Media, where she developed social media campaigns for clients like Nike, adidas, Levi’s & Reebok.

Today, Shanna is the Head of Brand Strategy at Stem, a web platform & iOS app that enables creators to collect and share earnings on their original music and video, because chasing money sucks. As Stem’s first non-engineering hire, Shanna has not only championed key partnerships with artists, management companies & labels to help them effectively collect their earnings, but also has established the voice of the brand, fostering a community that inspires, educates and empowers artists to create more freely.

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