Sandrine Bileci

Co-Founder: CURA

I am a naturopath / health coach, promoting optimal health through the use of natural therapeutics. I specialise in the gut-brain axis and supporting mental health: mood disorders, stress, anxiety, depression, PMS…

Previously, I served as a label manager in the music industry for a decade, then moved to Berlin and became a licensing and partnerships manager for a VR company.
I then moved on to become a naturopath and help musicians and music industry professionals optimise their health. I organise workshops and seminars on nutrition, relaxation techniques, reflexology in France.

Together with Suzanne Combo (artist, CEO of la GAM), Julien A. Jaubert aka Shkyd (producer) and Robin Ecoeur (journalist), we initiated the CURA collective within la GAM, in order to promote the health of artists and music industry professionals. Cura collective is open to everyone who wants to take actions: promoting health, discuss mental health, tools to cope with stress and anxiety, surveys, workshops…

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