Phil Kemish

Co-founder and CEO of Disrupt

Phil Kemish is the co-founder and CEO of Disrupt, a youth culture media company based in London.

He is part of the team behind GRM Daily the UK’s largest urban culture website, which have gained over 100 million hits on their content and counting. After 10 years working in media, marketing and entertainment Phil launched Disrupt with co-founder Matt Thorne in 2013.

Disrupt has quickly established itself as the one of the UK’s leading youth culture media companies,helping brands and creators co-create partnerships and campaigns that feel authentic and grow revenue, ultimately creating what we like to call a Brandtrepreneur.

They work with a range of top brand clients including AG Barr, Marley Audio, and Alize as well as developing their own products, platforms and IP. From launching a range of headphones with Tinchy Styder and Currys, to independently releasing a UK top 20 album as well as co-creating the first ever Grime Awards with KA Drinks!

Disrupt is at the forefront of empowering a urban millennial generation of brands, creators and influencers to create and distribute awesome content and products to an audience of over 5 million people.

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