Matt Thorne

Co-Founder / Creative Director, Disrupt Ltd

Matt Thorne is the co-founder and Creative Director of Disrupt, a youth marketing agency based in London. After spending five years working as a Digital Designer on projects for blockbuster films, major news outlets and record labels, Matt launched Disrupt with co-founder Phil Kemish in 2013.


Disrupt has quickly established itself as the one of the UK’s leading youth marketing agencies; helping brands to create and distribute unique content to over 50 million young people globally! Their content empowers, entertains and informs their client’s millennial audiences.

They work with a range of top brands including Thomas Cook, AG Barr, House of Marley Audio and Absolut Vodka as well as developing their own products, platforms and IP. You can download Matt’s and the team’s latest e-book “The Connected Generation” 12 youth trends to watch out for in 2017 at

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