Mark Mulligan

Media and Technology Analyst, MIDiA

For 11 years Mark was a Vice President and Research Director at Jupiter Research (later acquired by Forrester Research). He is now the founder of MIDiA Research, a research, data and analysis service focused on the intersection of media and technology.  Mark works with all of the big companies across the music industry’s various value chains such as record labels, streaming services and telcos, as well as many small companies and start ups.  Mark is also the author of the book ‘Awakening: The Music Industry In the Digital Age’.

Mark is routinely quoted and interviewed by top tier media (TV, radio, print and online) and speaks at leading music events such as Midem, SXSW, Eurosonic and Canadian Music Week.

In addition to following the music industry professionally, Mark lives and breathes music. He is a classically trained musician and is in the third generation of guitar players in his family (currently working on gently prodding his children to becoming the fourth) and his grandparents and father have all been music teachers and have all played in bands.  Mark also has a small, fully digital, recording studio which he uses to make lots of not so subtle bleeps, beats and squeeks.  ‘Back in the day’ he had a three single record deal and had his music played on BBC Radio 1.

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