Maarten van Wijck

Co-Founder, SonoSuite

Maarten van Wijck is the co-founder of SonoSuite, a spin-off of digital distribution pioneer La Cupula Music.

SonoSuite empowers over 75,000 media creators around the world to interact with a global audience – allowing independent content owners, record labels and distributors to create, exchange and access their music and related data anywhere, anytime.

Present in the Digital Music Space since its very inception in the late 90´s, Maarten became a recognized lecturer and public speaker, promoting digital business models and raising the voice on behalf of the independent music sector for more transparency and independence. Maarten has also collaborated as guest lecturer in various Music Business MBA programs.
As a saxofonist, flute player and percussionist, he is involved in various Music Projects.
He loves music, technology, nature and vegan food and is active as a yoga teacher, personal coach and therapist.

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