Luke Dzierzek

Luke Dzierzek, CEO and Co-founder of Scored

Luke Dzierzek is the CEO and Co-founder of Scored a music tech startup focused on building interactive personalised music solutions for the creative media industry and helping create new ways of monetisation for artists, composers and music producers.

Luke started his professional music career as an electronic music producer, remixer and DJ at the early age of 17 where he was renowned for utilising the latest technology and software techniques to produce killer dance-floor tracks. Luke established himself as one of “dance music’s brightest stars” “destined for greatness” and “proving dance music is still evolutionary as it always was!” quoted by DJ Mag.

His underground dance hit “Echo” crossed into the mainstream in 2007 after being synced to the well known Citroen Running Robot Advert Campaign which was licensed to Ministry Of Sound and released across countless compilation albums globally. This exposed him to the world of Sync where he started working as a composer for creative media agencies & brands such as Sky, BBC, Sony, John Lewis, and Stink Studios to name a few.

Since then he has been rapidly building Scored with his filmmaker & co-founder brother Ryan with a team of experts in music composition, production, film, software development, design gaming and artificial intelligence. Their first product “Sync” allows video creators to control and adapt music to match the on screen action in real-time. What would normally take days can now take just minutes!

Scored are alumni of the Abbey Road Studios Music Tech program and are committed to pushing the evolution of music forward.

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