Justin Wiggan


My work has been shown both nationally and internationally and uses the medias of phonics, text, film, performance ,object changing and drawing to make interface solutions to creative and site / circumstance specific problems. 

I am a Jerwood drawing prize finalist , who was the first to submit a sound drawing . 

My body of work engages to discover the links between the internal tourist and the external explorer and embrace of a sense of evolution and eradication of a problem that goes way beyond cultural breakdown, addressing the problem with an end of a system and engages  with the redevelopment of the sense of hearing as a learning tool and an awareness machine. 

I was awarded the Arts Council England International Artists Scheme Funding for my new piece “The Doberman Variations “which is now a book and began a collaborative research project called “Life Echo “with John Taylor Hospice, turning the memories of people at the end of their life and for those in vulnerable areas  into sound as a provision of care service, where I am Artist in Residence ,developing new sound alternative for health benefits.

For Dreams of Tall Buildings CV please go to www.dreamsoftallbuildings.com   and www.justinwiggan.co.uk

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