Just a Live MPC


Just a Live MPC

In 2014, four beatmakers came together in a basement in Barcelona to jam out on their collective instrument of choice, the Akai MPC, and Just a Live MPC Sessions were born. 

The MPC is the ‘unassuming drum machine that changed music forever’ (Vox); it’s the keystone for many a producer’s set up, from Kanye to J Dilla (his MPC is in the Smithsonian) and is integral to the sonic development of hiphop and in turn the genres it has influenced.

Just a Live MPC Sessions are Barcelona’s sample orchestra, creating lush, 21st century boom bap beats on the wing which vocalists from around the world jump at the chance to perform over.

For FMF, we’ve put our heads together with these guys to bring you something super special, a unique live experience. You’ll have to join us at Sidecar 13/09 to find out more!

You can find lots of their live ‘cyphers’ on Youtube, check out this one to get yourself started https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9hJxHwI0-LU

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