Julia Herd

Managing Director: Five in a Boat

With 19 years in the industry, and as the former Global VP of Communications for both HTC and music streaming company Deezer, Jules is a seasoned brand communications expert who quickly gets to the heart of what a company needs to deliver business growth. Her music experience has included working with Beats, Roc Nation and Tidal, and the V Festival for a number of years.

She currently runs Five in a Boat, an international strategic communications agency which specialises in helping to raise the profile and share of voice for technology companies, with a specific focus on music technology brands. Clients in the music space include MI.MU Gloves, Lickd, Streemliner, Mycelia’s The Creative Passport, Imogen Heap, Lirica and Spitfire Audio.

Jules is also a Council Member for the Public Relations & Communications Association (CMPRCA).

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