Joshua Rumer

CEO/Producer : Invengo Productions

Joshua Rumer was born and raised in the mountains of West Virginia. He was always a musical kid and was in several bands growing up in order to express his insanity. He graduated with a degree in Respiratory Therapy and moved to Florida to begin practicing music. The horrors of the medical field led him one day to throw his stethoscope in the garbage and put up a band ad in the local guitar store. 3 weeks later he was gigging on Daytona Beach and then playing out about 5 nights a week for the next few years.

After constantly hitting a glass ceiling in the south he decided that a bigger pond is where he belonged. So he sold off his possessions, packed the car and journeyed to Los Angeles. There, he learned about the ins and outs of the music business while selling phones business to business to pay for it all. His band, Invengo, was a rock opera-esque project that was apparently over many heads in that area.

He decided one day to start giving back to artists and teaching them everything he knew to help them get to where they were going faster. He started Invengo Productions in the spirit of giving and being someone for other artists that no one ever was for him. Genuinely helpful.

After making records and doing everything imaginable for over a decade in the City of Angels he expanded the operation to Austin Texas. He focuses on artist development and doing whatever is necessary to offer as many stepping stones possible to assist artists in their artistic journeys.

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