Jose Luis Zagazeta

CEO: Sonosuite | La Cupula Music

Jose Luis Zagazeta is co-founder and Chief Executive Officer at Sonosuite | La Cupula Music, a company dedicated to bring innovation to the music business sector. La Cupula Music (LCM) is a Music Services company with a strong focus on technology.

SonoSuite is the brand under which La Cupula Music commercializes it’s Digital Music Supply Chain software, proprietary technology that allows to efficiently create, exchange and access Assets (Audio Masters, Videos, Metadatas, Works and related data) in the digital music ecosystem. It allows creators to maintain ownership of their work, controlling in a transparent way how and where their Assets are made available and get paid for the use of them.

Over past 20 years, He had worked on different positions such as Business Development, Financing, Marketing and artistic relations departments, working closely to creatively design growth opportunities for the future, identifying and assessing profitable business ventures, established alliances, and shaped internal growth strategies, managing risk, thinking, and developing alternative growth strategies. With a demonstrated history of working in the music industry.

Skilled in Music Publishing, Audio Engineering, Management, Marketing, Studio Recording, Record Labels and A&R functions. Strong sales professional with a Telecommunication Engineering formation, Digital marketing and interested in Computer Software Engineering, Physics, Maths, and Entrepreneurship.

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