Indee Styla


Indee Styla, the originality in her hand, hiphop in her hearth, the “Soul Mestiza” comes from the Barcelona scene with her own voice. Message and commitment in perfect symbiosis with a refined style. A frantic parkour, where issue after issue, Indee is defying gravity, dancing without shame on the faces of convention.

Indee, definitely, one of the most representative artists of the female hiphop international scene. Multifaceted, she captivates her audience with her background as a dancer and choreographer,gathering in herself, many qualities that make her presence unique on the stage, bringing a universal message and an explosion of energy and charisma.

She has played in many important festivals around the world as  Glastonbury Festival (UK) , Trinity Hiphop Festival (NYC) ….

She has stepped on stages in Canada, France, Portugal, Greece, England, Germany, Turkey,Ukraine, Italy, Norway, Belgium, Chile, Cuba, Mexico, .

The artist has extended her roots to Brazil, “the country of music” where she has played on different occasions in festivals throughout the country, in addition to collaborating with relevant artists of the scene.

Festival Batuque 2012, Virada Paolista 2013, Festival Vaca Amarela 2015 (Goiânia), Festival Satélite 061 2015 (Brasilia) and many more,

Currently she is preparing her third solo album, an album produced in Rio de Janeiro, scheduled to be released at the end of 2018

So here she comes, Indee Styla, woman, strenght and sensuality in equal measure. As if it was her concert, between disjointed movements, if you are ready for battle, scream “FIRE”.

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