Dominic Hodge

Brand Strategist: Consultant

Dom Hodge is a brand strategist with over 15 years experience in helping brands create authenticity through the use of popular culture and entertainment. His work at FRUKT sat at the forefront of this space and includes multiple award winning campaigns and partnerships. He’s helped craft strategies, ideas and experiences for an extensive roster of global clients, including Mastercard, Nando’s, O2, Coca-Cola, Budweiser and Jägermeister to name but a few.

Dom is fascinated by how audiences think and feel, and how to use these insights to unlock amazing creative ideas. He also has a passion for the power of sound in marketing and the fields of multi-sensory branding and immersive experiences.

Away from work Dom likes to nurse his ever-growing collection of old soul records, make music in his garden studio and get muddy walking his dog.

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