Danica Steinhauser

Talent Manager / Music Manager

Danica Steinhauser was born and raised in Austin, Texas, constantly surrounded and influenced by the city’s vibrant music and film scene. She graduated from The University of Texas with a Bachelor’s of Science in Radio, Television, and Film in 2008. With over 15 years’ experience working within film production and film/music festival circuits, she continued her career overseas.

She lived and worked in Japan for over 3 years before arriving to Germany to produce and film video blogs for a successful gaming company. She then continued on to Amsterdam to work within the editorial video production side of Zoomin.TV, also known for its status as a large MCN.

In 2016, she moved to Madrid, Spain to join 2btube and has been helping to grow and establish 2btunes as one of the best international talent management agencies for musicians on the YouTube platform.
She continues to honor her Austin roots by pursuing her passion in music and way too much time on Netflix.

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