Carlos Lopez Casany

Co-Founder: Indiemono

My name is Carlos and I come from the sunny coast of Barcelona, Spain. I’m the Indiemono project co-founder and Indiemono Spotify profile owner. I finished my Medicine degree two years ago and I decided to take the courage of dedicating my life to music.

I started my own website then, following my music passion and evolving different ideas, related with playlisting and music curation. Indiemono is devoted to support music, mainly independent music projects, connecting artists and bands with a community of independent curators and offering our streaming expertise to boost their careers.

I’m curating playlists on Spotify since 2012 and I’ve built a great audience in my profile  becoming one of the most influential independent spotify profiles. I’m managing more than 70 playlists right now summing an amount of more than 970K followers. I’m also running a community with different independent curators promoting their playlists and suggesting different music projects to them. Indiemono offers different services to help new music projects in reaching new audiences and understanding the streaming value. I collaborate with different platforms, labels, promoters and distributors to receive music submissions and work on different collaborations opportunities.

I’m currently based on Madrid working as playlist curator and support in Filtr Spain (SME).

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