Antonio Talarico

Head of Community, Volareo

Antonio has been behind the scenes of the creative industry since the beginning of his career. Between Amsterdam and Rotterdam he has helped photographers, painters, video makers, directors and musicians to thrive. He can be best described as puppeteer of the creative industry.
As the Community Manager for Volareo, he’s ushering a new musical era building a transparent and decentralised movement based on blockchain with the goal of creating a fairer and more genuine environment for music lovers and music makers.
Volareo is the World’s first smart speaker powered by Musicoin’s platform in which artificial intelligence, blockchain and cryptocurrencies merge to give musicians the highest payout for their streams and, to fans, exclusive content from their favourite artists. All simply commanded by voice. All fuelled by the love for music.
In 2018 Volareo team also started the BLKCHN Record label dedicated to support and promote musicians releasing on blockchain streaming platforms.

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