Anarosa De Eizaguirre Butler is, to quote female comic Iliza Shlesinger, ‘An Elder Millennial’. As a child of the 80’s she remembers ghetto blasters, twin deck cassette recording , when CD’S were the future, (apart from when they skipped )and the ill fated mini disk player. Academically she received her B:A from Liverpool University and her Masters from University College Dublin.

How she fits within the framework of the Future Music Forum is her passion for music and her skills within broadcasting. In Barcelona she’s been part of the Barcelonacityfm team as a radio DJ for nearly two years. As an actor she’s been thrust into the world of social media and the need to have an online presence. Slowly but surely building up her brand as SpanishIrish chick whilst studying the phenomenon of Youtube and the ‘Youtuber’ generation. Finding one’s place within this ever expanding field , which from an outsider’s perspective is only for the kids, her aim is to investigate this idea and find a link towards this field for those of us who may be deemed a little older . You know , that group of people who once used to write letters.

She brings her skills as a professional performer , music enthusiast and online admiration to this year’s 2019 Future Music Forum.

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