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Here we introduce all our speakers for this years forum.

Conference Advisory Board

guest Mandar Thakur COO of Times Music
keynote Mike McCready CEO of Music Xray
keynote Mark Mulligan Media and Technology Analyst, MIDiA

guest speakers

guest Mandar Thakur COO of Times Music
keynote Mike McCready CEO of Music Xray
keynote Mark Mulligan Media and Technology Analyst, MIDiA
keynote Luca Iacomino International Sales and Marketing Manager - Ableton
keynote Angel Navas Rosal Global Head of Trade Marketing at Ditto Music
keynote Ebony Haley Conference Program Director : Revolt Media & TV
keynote Gareth Deakin Head Of Business Development, AI Music
keynote Kier Wiater Carnihan Head of Comms at Record-Play
keynote Chris Graves Executive Producer, Music Production & Licensing at Craft WW
keynote Mattia Franco
guest Vanessa Reed CEO, PRS Foundation
keynote Ursula O’Kuinghttons Regional Lead for Europe and Latin America at Civil Media Company
guest Paul Sampson CEO, LICKD
guest Jordi Puy CSO, Unison Rights S.L.
keynote Maarten van Wijck Co-Founder, SonoSuite
keynote Mandy Aubry Songtrust, Director of Global Business Development and Client Relations
keynote Phil Kemish Co-founder and managing partner of Disrupt & Co-founder of the Rated Awards
keynote Ashley Jones Strategic Consultant
keynote Antonio Talarico Head of Community, Volareo
keynote Victor Conradsson Sales-Support & Training Specialist at Believe Digital
guest Flore Morfin DJ, Composer, Label and Event Manager
guest Peter Oxendale Consultant & Forensic Musicologist
keynote Tom Silverman CEO, Tommy Boy Records
guest Dan Novaes Co-Founder & CEO of Current Media
guest Hazel Savage CEO and Co-Founder of Musiio
guest Pablo Suarez G.M, Publishing and A&R consultant, MOS
guest Ben Jeffries CEO,
guest Naiara Chaler Success Manager de Ulule España
keynote Dante Ross A&R Executive / Producer, ADA Music ( Warner )
guest Guido Rosales Global marketing leader
guest James Wheatley VP Business Development, 7Digital
guest Par Almqvist Chief Executive Officer & Co-Founder, Tracklib
guest Cora Novoa Composer & Dj, Label Owner, Seeking the Velvet
guest Luke Hood Founder, UKF
guest Inma Grass Partner, Comms Dir. Altafonte
guest Daniel Cross Founder and CEO of Record-Play
guest Frederic Schindler Founder, Too Young Music Consultancy
guest Tim Miles Director of Sync, Warner Music Group
guest Tim Exile Experimental Musician
guest Laura Allington Senior Talent Manager, OP Talent, Endemol Shine Group
guest Toni M Mir Owner, Composer, Tragalar13
guest Martin Lacabanne Ambassador, Musicoin
guest Toby Slade-Baker Founder / director,Thirty Two Music & Virtual Sound
guest Peter Harris CEO, Resonate
guest Ben Baal-Bowdler, X=X Electronic musician, guitarist and sound artist
guest Matthew Dicks Commercial Director at AEI Group Limited
guest Daniela Bosé Cultural Industries Expert, Ex MD BMG, Spain & Portugal
guest Jack Horner Investor / Adviser / Entrepreneur
guest Marta Antúnez General Manager,Ulule Spain
guest Cliff Fluet Partner, Digital Media & Brand Ent. – Lewis Silkin LLP
keynote Danica Steinhauser Talent Manager / Music Manager
guest Nomine Artist, Label Owner, Lecturer
guest Will Spencer Key Accounts Director, MusicGlue
guest Luke Dzierzek Luke Dzierzek, CEO and Co-founder of Scored
guest Jeff Bacon Founder, 73Barrios
keynote Will Mills Chief Revenue Officer at LyricFind
keynote Emilien Moyon Director of the Global Entertainment and Music Business Program at Berklee College of Music