Producers corner

19:10 - 20:00 · Wednesday 12th September 2018

Producers Corner @ WeWork ( Glories ) Barcelona Terrace : Hosted by Jeff Bacon with very special guest Brian Jackson

From Strata East to Kanye West, from straight-ahead jazz to straight-out funk, Brian Jackson is a straight-up American legend. Listen to the more than a dozen albums he co-wrote and produced with longtime partner Gil Scott-Heron and you are bound to have many ‘where have i heard that before? ‘ moments. That’s because so many of his licks and riffs have been sampled – and continue to be sampled by – hip-hop aristocracy. Check his trademark Fender Rhodes sound providing the groove foundations for cuts like Kanye’s “Home Again” (from “Home Is Where the Hatred Is”) and Kendrick Lamar’s “Poe Mans Dreams” (from “Peace Go With You, Brother”) and you’ll understand that his musical vision was decades ahead of its time. Maybe that’s why when you hear him play it’s like something you’ve heard all your life.

After over three decades of creativity, Brian can be found building musical alliances with artists as diverse as M1 (Dead Prez), vocalist Gregory Porter, Brazil’s Rodrigo Brandão and members of Hurtmold and Metá Metá, chanteuse Patrina Morris, young lion jazz violinist Scott Tixier (Kenny Barron, Stevie Wonder) legendary bassist Charnett Moffett and many others. He welcomes every possible opportunity to work with younger artists and his work with New York phenoms drummer Ismail Lawal, trumpeter Josh Evans and saxophonists Stacey Dillard and Martin Kelly and bassist Diallo House proves that this policy yields big dividends.

Brian reaches into both the future and the past to draw his inspiration, combining them to create a sound that is always new, yet true to the tradition of music that he honors. Aware of how much a part of the music the listener is, Brian cautions: “This music isn’t really mine; it belongs to all of us. The minute I start trying to own it, it’s all over. It’s my job to pass on what I’ve learned. That’s living the Tradition.”

A series of interviews with the knob twiddlers, movers and shakers behind some of history’s most iconic releases and modern classics.

Guests to-date include Grammy winners Kevin Bacon (David Bowie, Finley Quaye, Bjork), Dave Pemberton (The Prodigy, Kinobe, The Spice Girls) the first ever hip-hop A&R Dante Ross (Macklemore, De La Soul, House of Pain), Arthur Baker ( Afrika Bambaataa, New Order ). We cover everything from technical tricks of the trade to their best, often previously untold, artist and studio experiences.

Taking place in front of a live audience, this intimate event is designed to entertain while refocusing some of the limelight on producers, denied credits on streaming services until very recently. Simultaneously the event provides a heightened level of engagement, education and insight for attendees.

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