Peter Malla

Music Journalist, Producer & Founder of Cone Magazine

Born in Cornwall, Peter Malla (25) is a music journalist and producer, who in 2014 launched Cone Magazine – an independently owned media platform focusing on music, art and culture.

Having worked in various aspects of the music industry, from live performance and production, to radio, and media – Peter’s work has also been a benefactor to both artists and record labels, producing press releases as a freelance copywriter, as well as a press officer for Float PR who represents clients such as Nils Frahm, Oliver Coates, Szun Waves and Carhartt WIP.

“Music has always been a continual in my life. Whilst my other interests seem to be rather fickle, it is with both sound and the media that I am most forbearing”. 

Peter’s writing has also been published in two longstanding music publications; DJ Mag and the Berlin based Electronic Beats. The latter, hosted an article from him, in which he explored the future of virtual reality in the music industry.

“VR is this immensely exciting thing. No one really knows where it is going to take us, or how it will develop. But so many entrepreneurs and established companies are scrambling for a piece of the pie. VR is undoubtedly going to change the way we consume media”.

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