Georgia Meyer

Founder of Locodia

A qualified A-Level teacher and graduate of the AMV BBDO academy, Georgia founded music startup Locodia in June 2014. Based on an interactive map of London built with SoundCloud api, artists pulled in their profiles and connected with other musicians in their area. Opening borough by borough, the platform hosted 245 quality independent artists across three boroughs within three months. Today, along with a collective of seven musicians and DJs working at the BBC and a range of internet stations, the community is maintained via a radio show, a series of events and lectures and the odd party. Georgia continues to work in the MusicTech space, curating events on behalf of VC funds and startup network 3beards. Georgia is particularly interested in the new socio-economic relations that new technology is facilitating. She sends a weekly newsletter addressing the construction of these new narrative frameworks, plus a handful of tracks by artists you should get acquainted with, under the title ‘Interregnum’.

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