Gaurav Sharma

Vice President of Growth & Data Sciences at Saavn

Gaurav Sharma is Vice President of Growth & Data Sciences at Saavn, India’s leading music streaming service. Focused on the core goal of automating efficient, data-centric decision-making across the company, Gaurav has led Saavn’s data science program to reduce user acquisition costs by 75%, increase user monetization by 7x, and drive product changes that have increased user retention by more than 10%.

Gaurav and his team are currently building a scalable user intelligence platform to analyze and find solutions to market-specific barriers of entry in India; they are also producing monthly infographics around insights culled from Saavn’s unparalleled dataset of consumer and content trends in India.
In addition to leading Saavn’s data team, Gaurav has assisted Saavn’s executive team in raising more than $100M in funding from leading institutional investors. Gaurav is a graduate of Johns Hopkins University.

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