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The Emerging Music Markets of India & China

The Emerging Music Markets of India & China

China and India are perhaps the two most exciting and challenging new music markets in the world. Divided by the Himalayas and millennia of surprisingly rarely overlapping cultural and political history, however, they have rightly been seen as completely distinct markets. This being said, as we witness the simultaneous arrival of the digital revolution, the maturing of IP laws, the rollout of telco infrastructure and services, all set against the backdrop of their respective economic emergence, might there be more in common with these two markets than immediately meets the eye? Could it even be the case that their industries might even learn from one another as they emerge side by side? In a back to back session focusing on the two markets separately, but with a view to finding underlying parallels, Ed Peto and Mandar Thakur look behind the headline numbers and general opacity to see what really drives the growth of these two fascinating markets.



Ed Peto : Owner : Outdustry


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  • September 15, 2017
  • 12:30 - 13:!5
  • Sala Maquinas