17:10 - 18:00

Producers Corner with Special Guest : Dante Ross

Producers Corner with Special Guest : Dante Ross

Interviewer : Jeff Bacon,  Utopia Music Group

The FMF has been hosting a ‘fire-side’ informal chat with a special guest producers / label heads / band members over the last 3 years at the Fabrica de Estrella Damm, it’s become a section of the event that people really keep an eye out for. In the past we’ve had Brian Hardgroove ( bassist, Public Enemy)  producers Arthur Baker, Ron Thaler, Kevin Bacon ,Dave Pemberton, ATC mgt head Brian Message & more. This years special guest at the FMF version will be legendary hip hop producer Dante Ross.

 If you have bounced to a hip hop tune over the past 20+ years it’s highly likely this man has had something to do with it. From helming genre-defining albums to guiding the careers of its biggest mainstream artists & is one of the reasons hip-hop culture is the globally dominant art form it is today.

Quick Info

  • September 14, 2017
  • 17:10 - 18:00
  • Sala Maquinas


Dante Ross

A&R Executive / Producer, ADA Music ( Warner )