16.30 - 17.15

Making money from recorded music

Is there really no way to make money from recorded music sales in 2016? Is it all about live income and the occasional sync license, or are there actually other ways to make money from recorded music, regardless if your fanbase is a couple of hundred million strong or just a few hundred?

In spring 2015 the new audio format Stems launched as an open source project initiated by Berlin-based software company Native Instruments. Veteran DJs like Carl Cox, Francois Kervokian and others became fans and ambassadors of the format and its creative potential. While the music industry generally shifts more and more towards revenue streams creating 0.0 (and then some more zeros) per play or stream, maybe new formats like Stems can help generate significant revenue for artists and labels.

This panel will explore how artists and labels can boost their income by supporting innovative ideas like Stems, Sample packs and other opportunities.



Julio Navas (Music Producer, DJ, Owner of Fresco Records / Organic Music)

Shlomi Aber – (Music Producer, DJ, Owner Be As One)

Gabriel Berlanga aka Undo (Music Producer, DJ, Owner Factor City)


Ronny Krieger (Traktor Content / Stems @ Native Instruments)


Quick Info

  • September 19, 2016
  • 16.30 - 17.15
  • Sync Summit · SALA DE BASCULAS