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Breaking a band in the digital age

– A deep look at the terms

* what do you all think ‘breaking an artist’ means today, how would you define it? What are the different ways this is being measured? Is it related to their earnings / their social following / chart success / press coverage / all of the above? Is it related to longevity?
* if ‘breaking an artist’ is defined as chart success and high play counts, does that mean success? Are there any other ways of measuring success?
* so we all basically know what the ‘digital age’ is and that we’re in it. The music industry has been through successive waves of digital disruption – what are the key characteristics of the current digital age? Is it about social platforms? Is it about decentralized services and live streaming platforms like SoundCloud / internet radio / Boiler Room? Is it about multi-channel ways of communicating with audiences and direct artist-fan interaction?

* Is the current digital age shifting the power balances between the key actors like label / artist / manager / platform / fan? In what ways?

– Ways technology can help to break new artists

* what are the new technologies that are most helping labels and other parts of the industry break new artists? Data / social channels / live streaming / new creative tech experiences like apps/VR/installation/wearable tech?
* what are the new technologies that are most helping artists to ‘break themselves’? And how important is it that artists are making use of new technology to make it these days?

– Ways technology can hinder breaking new artists

* is it in any way negative that artists have to compete on technological frontiers to get noticed? (is it affordable to do so?)
* are there any negatives associated with artists being super present on social channels?
* are there any ways that quantitative data can be misinterpreted in ways that negatively impact on different genres / styles of music getting heard?

– Breaking an artist in 2016 – best case studies

* what are the best examples of breaking artists that you’ve seen in 2016?
* what would you say are the top three pieces of technology that artists, whether themselves or via their label, can’t afford to ignore these days?
* is the digital age of A&R writing more clear rules for people to follow or breaking the rule book?
* how important have brand partnerships been to breaking artists in the last few years?

– It’s 2020

* fast forward four years, we’re sitting here again – what are the technological innovations that would have lasted and pushed the industry forward?
* what are the technological innovations that will have fallen by the wayside

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  • September 21, 2016
  • 11:00 - 11:40


Sammy Andrews

Director of Entertainment Intelligence & Sabotage New Media