14:00 - 14:45

FMF / Day Two : Fast Forward Presents:  Future of Marketing

Moderated by: Chris Carey CEO of Media Insight Consulting and Founder of FastForward  (UK):


Sammy Andrews, Director at Entertainment Intelligence & Director at Sabotage New Media /

Mercedes Benson, Founder of Future SNDS & London Curator at 22tracks /

Jon Davies, Director of EU Music Partnerships at Shazam

Breaking bands is an ongoing challenge in the changing music industry.  The BPI reported a handful of breakthrough bands in 2015, whilst the live music promotes, such as Harvey Goldsmith, have voiced concerns about the lack of future headline acts.

The nature of marketing is continuing to change and evolve.  Radio and TV have traditionally been key to breaking bands but nowadays their role is under threat from growth in streaming services and unlimited consumer choice.

There are no shortage of bands trying to break through, but the online marketing space has become increasingly sophisticated and increasingly crowded, making it very hard to stand out from the noise, as the consumer gets overwhelmed by choice and sensory overload.

By contrast, new technologies are making audiences more accessible to bands once they master how to use them.  Our expert panel talk about the traditional and modern mechanisms for reaching critical mass and building a career.

Quick Info

  • September 20, 2016
  • 14:00 - 14:45
  • FMF · Sala Maquinas


Chris Carey

CEO of Media Insight Consulting & Founder of FastForward

Sammy Andrews

Director of Entertainment Intelligence & Sabotage New Media