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FMF Delegates

Here you can view our full list of delegates for the 8th Future Music Forum.
Name Positon Company
Abigail Robinson Masters Student Berklee Valencia
Adriana Freitas Business Development Utopia Music
Ahir Gupta Masters Student Berklee Valencia
Aislinn Pradella-Hallinan Licensing Coordinator Too Young Music
Albert Domenech Ableton
Alejandro Sabillon Masters Student Berklee Valencia
Alex Lodge Director Thirty Two Music
Alex Lucio Audio Student
Alex Perrin Professor Berklee Valencia
Alex Wilde Founder Flowra
Alexander Stevens Account Manager Ruckus Wireless
Alexandra Tonisastre Marketing Manager SonoSuite
Alexjandria Edwards Masters Student Berklee Valencia
Anarosa Eizaguirre Social Media Expert
Andrea Saccardo MUSIC & SOUND for BRANDS
Andreu Mateu Director Dreams & Adventures
Andrew Apanov CEO / Founder Dotted Music
Andrew Ferguson Artist , Label Owner Education & Bass
Angel Navas Rosal Global Head of Trade Marketing Ditto Music
ANGELA TORRES BALASCH Language Teacher Generalitat de Catalunya
Anna Baques Record Play
Annelise Rivera Rivero Masters Student Berklee Valencia
Anthony Middleton DJ Audiofly
Antoni Macia Industry Relations SAE
Antonio Talarico Head of Community Volareo
Barbara Laneve Account Manager Node
Ben Baal Bowdler Electronic Musician Education & Bass
Benet Sarra Record Play
Ben Jeffries CEO Influencer
Benjamin Vogels
University of Music and Performing Arts Graz, Austria
Bianca Johnson Masters Student Berklee Valencia
Brian Jackson Artist
Calen Mims Masters Student Berklee Valencia
Camila Anino Masters Student Berklee Valencia
Camila Dizy Partnership & Advertising Womex
Can Eltutar Masters Student Berklee Valencia
Candice Morrisey Head of EMEA Music Content Partnerships Youtube
Carla Martinez Silva Promoter
Carlos Córdoba Professor Microfusa
Carlos Medina Founder Scanner FM
Carlotta de Ninni Head of Research, Mycelia for Music Mycelia
Casey Miller Masters Student Berklee Valencia
Chris Graves Music Prod. & Licensing Craft
Clara Filippelli Fernandes Rescala Masters Student Berklee Valencia
Claudia Schwarz VP Music Tech Germany
Cliff Fluet Partner Lewis Silken
Constanza Rivera Masters Student Berklee Valencia
Cora Novoa Founder & Creative Dir. Seeking the Velvet
Cristina Nadal Masters Student Berklee Valencia
Cristina Roda Strategoc Partner Manager, Artist Development
D’eve Archer Artist
Daniel Cross CEO Record Play
Daniel Oscar Fares Producer
Dante Ross A&R Executive ADA Music ( Warner )
Damitha Weerakoon Head of Partnerships Jambro
David Loscos Director IMB
David Palet Producer Saraomusic
Denis Dubovik music supervisor TV3
Denis Sharko CEO Sync Lab
Diego Menvielle ??
Donna Cruz Guest
Ebony Haley Conference Prog.Dir Revolt Media
Ed Simpson Booking Agent Montuno
Edward Hugill Masters Student Berklee Valencia
Ekaterina Bazhanova CEO Music Development Russia
Elena Barreras: Primavera Pro Primaverasounds
Eleonora Muraglia Berklee
Elsa Llorente Berklee
Elvis Ceglie Project Manager Node
Emilien Moyon Program Dir. Berklee Valencia
Emma Lomas Snr. Licensing Manager Beggars Group
Ernest Rubio Head of Image IMB
Fabienne Fourquet CEO 2bTube
Flore Morfin Dj, Composer, Label Manager
Francesco Paolo Ciocci Founder CEO Semiotik Sound
Frankie Biggz Producer IAB Barcelona
Frederic Maigne CEO CMR Publishing
Frederic Schindler Founder / MD Too Young Music
Gareth Deakin Head of Bus Dev.
Gerald Mangena Music Marketing Consultant Bang Media
Gigi D’Amico Music Producer Raval Music Productions
Grazia Carlone Digital Strategist SonoSuite
Guido Rosales Co-Founder
Top Line Marketing, Global Consulting Group
Hamlet Sweeney Founder The Nucleus
Hazel Savage CEO / Co-Founder Musiio
Hildur Hamidsdottir Masters Student Berklee Valencia
Idan ben Shushan Product Manager SonoSuite
Illvibe Artist
Imogen Heap Artist, Producer, Founder of Mycelia for Music
Indee Styla Artist
Inderjit Birdee Head of Strategy
Ines Miras Videogame Composer Sinesita
Inma Grass Partner Altafonte
Irene Bauza Head of Publishing Blanco y Negro
Jack Horner Joiner of Dots
James Connor Masters Student Berklee Valencia
Jaqueline Turolla Producción Primaverasounds
Jeff Bacon Founder 73Barrios
Jeremy Freidman Artist
Jeremy Friedman Music Producer
Jo Grass Director
Joan Soto Head of Business, Europe Sterotheque
Joel Martinez Villena Audiovisual artist Sphunkgrafix
Jordi Puy CSO Unison Rights S.L
José Luis Zagazeta CEO SonoSuite
Joshua Porter Masters Student Berklee Valencia
Juan Alvarez de la Cabrera CEO Seed&Click
Kajal Gayadien Global Head of Licensing Vevo
Karen Carne Asistant Mycelia
Kay Nelson Director Parque Urbano Studio
Kier Carnihan Head of Comms Record Play
Kumar Mora Artist
Krishna Parekh Founder Desi Vibes
Kyrie Rolle Masters Student Berklee Valencia
laia gonzales Record Play
Lance Phillips Partner Sheridans
Larissa Bel Productora & Coordinadora Nit de Soul
Liv Kimber Singer/Songwriter LiviaMusic
Liz Muirhead Venues Monitoring AFEM / BMAT
Luca Lacomino Int Sales / Marketing Ableton
Luis Joglar Ongay Software Engineer SonoSuite
Luke Dzierzek CEO / Co-Founder Scored
Luke Hood Founder UKF, Dir.AEI Group Ltd
Maarten Van Wijck Co-Founder Sonosuite
Maricarmen Arena Journalist P.Pop
Margarita Pozharova Profeesor Microfusa
Magda Jedrzejewska Masters Student Berklee Valencia
Magda Misiorny Head of PR & Partnerships Volareo
Malene Andersen Legal Advisor Danish Artist Union
Mandy Aubry Dir.Global Bus.Dev & Client Relations Songtrust
Manuel Fernandez Masters Student Berklee Valencia
Marcus Lucio Artist
Maria Guzman Masters Student Berklee Valencia
Maria Fernanda Silva CTO & IT Specialist Concorde Music Agency
Maria Hayden Co-Founder / CEO Headliner
Mariana Madrid-Malo Founder and CEO D’Andreis
Mariano Hernandez Garcia Masters Student Berklee Valencia
Marina Sans Youtube & Interactive Marketing Manager Youtube
Mark Dix Primaverasounds
Mark James Press Decoded Magazine
Marta Pallares Communication Primaverasounds
Martin Lacabanne Ambassador Musicoin
Matt Dicks Commercial Dir. AEI Group Ltd
Mattia Franco CEO Xceed
Michael Cassidy Dir.Product & Development FUGA
Michael Gelberg Masters Student Berklee Valencia
Michael Lebor Videographer MyCelia
Michelle Hardiman Head of Event Kili Creative
Miguel Toloso CEO MonkingMe S.L..
Miguel Ramos Marketing & Youtube Services coordinator Youtube
Mike Casey Casey
Mike McCready CEO MusicXray
Monika Otaduy Producción Primaverasounds
Montserrat Carty Music Consultant
Naiara Chaler Success Manager Ulule
Nathalie Rothe laywer Danish Artist Union
Nicole Otero Masters Student Berklee Valencia
Nicole Casino Masters Student Berklee Valencia
Oisin Lunny Music Editor Pheonix Magazine
Oisine Browne Project director Aftertouch Music
Oscar De Lara Masters Student Berklee Valencia
Ove Holmqvist Holonic Systems Co-Founder
Pablo Suarez A&R Consultant Ministry of Sound
Paco Cavaller Content Editor Xceed
Par Almqvist CEO Tracklib
Patricia Gomes Masters Student Berklee Valencia
Patricia Aldama Artist
Patrick Hoogvliet Managing Dir. Trafalgar13
Pau Cristòful Booking Primaverasounds
Paula Perez Journalist P.Pop
Paul Sampson CEO Lick’d
Pedro Andrade Artist
Pedro Blazquez Journalist RTVE
Peer Taraldsen Owner ScoreTracks / Gynt Publishing
Pete Dyson Professor Berklee Valencia
Peter Harris CEO Resonate
Peter Oxendale Forensic Musicologist
Peter Salmang CEO / Founder Concorde Music Agency
Phil Kemish Founder & Chief Strategy Disrupt
Randle Thompson Masters Student Berklee Valencia
Rayhan Rafique Ahmed Masters Student Berklee Valencia
REA SHENA Masters Student Berklee Valencia
Rishad Shaikh CEO Jambro
rohin bachwani Masters Student Berklee Valencia
Roman Lata Brand Image Desigual
Roxy Shah Record Play
Sara Gozalo Partner Technology Manager Youtube
Sara Martin Rioja Promoter / Artist S M M
Saria Tourbah Masters Student Berklee Valencia
Sebastian Seifert Project Manager Randòmika
Seo Hyun Kim Masters Student Berklee Valencia
Shareli Swayne Masters Student
Sharko Denis Music Production & Supervision SYNC Lab
Shaurav D’Silva Managing Dir. 2-Tone Entertainment
Shayan Hazir CFO Jambro
Siavash Mahdavi CEO
silja hertel Record Play
Silvia Vecchini Customer Support & Operations SonoSuite
Sofiko Kereselidze Masters Student Berklee Valencia
Stephanie Hernandez Marketing Manager Miami Music Project
Stephanie Piedrahita Masters Student Berklee Valencia
Stephen Bailey-Heelan Masters Student Berklee Valencia
Stephen Bisson Masters Student Berklee Valencia
Steve Elliott Ambassador Musicoin
Susana Bragatto Singer King Lola
Tahir Basheer Partner Sheridans
Tayler Mooney Masters Student Berklee Valencia
TBC Sonar
TBC Sonar
Tim Exile Artist Endless
Tim Miles Director of Sync Warner Music Group
Toby Slade Baker Founder / Director Thirty Two Music
Tomas Uribe Co Founder / CEO Sterotheque
Thomas Silverman CEO / Co-Founder Tommy Boy Records
Toni Marin Events Manager Seed&click
Ursula O Kuinghottons Regional Lead for Europe & Latin America Civil Media Company
Vahram Papazyan Music Production Manager The scotch of st James
Vanessa Reed Chief Exec PRS for Music
Vijay Thakur Chief Marketing Officer Omino
Vinicius Muniz Journalist P,Pop
Vyte Murinaite Project Manager Arteria BCN
Will Spencer Key Accounts Dir. MusicGlue
William Alfred Founder / CEO Musicdigi
Yvan Boudillet Founder The Lynk
Zoe Schneider Masters Student Berklee Valencia
Niall Doorley Director FMF
Emilia Celona Staff FMF
Yaritza Vega Staff FMF
Laura Kamu Staff FMF
Stephanie Buchmann Staff FMF
Hugo Kopp Staff FMF


Main Conference Hall, Estrella Damm
Carrer del Rosselló 515, Barcelona 08025