11:50 - 12:30

Samplers Workshop

Looping and Sampling are two of the most influential developments in music over the last 50 years.

Looping was first demonstrated by the great Les Paul in 1953 on the television show Ominbus and impacted pop culture in the 1960s with dub, while Rapper’s Delight’s 1979 sampling of Chic’s “Good Times” helped make the hip hop genre a household name. Collectively, these techniques have been a powerful force in the co-evolution of hip-hop and electronic music and are more prevalent in modern-day pop music than ever before.

The FMF are proud to highlight four artists who utilize these decades-long practices. Each artist will perform a song and then talk about how they use looping and sampling technology to create their work. The challenge today for modern creatives is keeping up with and understanding how innovative technologies can help them survive, this sessions aim to guide you through how to navigate these emerging technologies and platforms giving you the power to monetize your music.


Quick Info

  • September 13, 2019
  • 11:50 - 12:30
  • Estrella Damm


D’eve Archer

Artist: Saturdae Jonez, Multi-instrumentalist, Live Looper