FMF Start Up Competition

For the 2nd year running The FMF will be hosting its annual Digital Music Start Up Competition.
This year we will be hosting the competition with local partners Seed&Click & our international partners LyricFind, both companies with long running traditions in supporting music & tech start-ups.

We are delighted to welcome as judges & patrons of the event

Juan Alvarez De Lara Cabrera – CEO & Co-Founder, Seed&click &

Will Mills – Chief revenue Officer – LyricFind

All those who participate in FMF Startup co-organized by Seed&Click, the FMF & LyricFind agree to the following participation rules:

  • Must be a registered company
  • Must be a functioning product with users and be able to demonstrate traction generating revenue
  • Solid team 
  • Team includes a minimum one technical co-founder and one non-tech founder 
  • Revenue generating
  • Looking for funding, seed or above
  • A product that serves the music industry space
  • Why does this company have an unfair advantage? ie do you have a patent or team member that has specific experience
  • Is it a large market?  / What’s the TAM ((total addressable market)? How big do you think it can be? Quantify it?

To apply to be considered please send your project dossier to

Good luck!

Niall Doorley

FMF Director

Competition judges & patrons of the event

Juan Alvarez De Lara Cabrera

CEO & Co-Founder, Seed&Click

Will Mills

Chief Revenue Officer - LyricFind
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